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To Sign or To Be Independent

In the music industry, it's obvious that there are advantages to signing with a label. There's backing for your music and more promotion without the dread that comes with being independent. But there's a quiet disconnect that arises within labels when you do not meet the mainstream.

Being independent is a risk when it comes to getting promoted because you have to be able to sell yourself with the risk of being ignored. However, when you know how you want to be promoted and how you want yourself to be seen, it can be freeing not to follow expectations and rules that you have to follow under a label.

Whichever label you choose, if you choose to sign, you must do your research. There are labels more suited for pop music and some labels more for hip hop/rap/trap. If you make something different like country or more alternative rock or even rock, you have to be strong and confident in yourself to know that you will have to work harder. It's a given, but it's not a curse. Until another label comes specifically around for alternative music, then just believe that you will be able to make it and become acclaimed or whatever your goal for your music career is.


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