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Time Heals by Marissa Kay

Time Heals - Marissa Kay has released a new album about learning to love herself after a hard break up. Every song is a lesson in the route post-breakup. "Solo" is an anthem about staying real even while all the drama ensues. "Myself" is the statement of the album about realizing how much of herself she gave to the relationship and having to face the grief head-on.

She touches her Latin roots with "Love with a Quality" featuring Xander Westbrook and "Ocean" both about having to understand love's hard lessons once the love ends. "Fuck Boy Tears" is a bop featuring Wisdom West about staying true to yourself and not letting men drag you down with their lameness.

"Road to Fame" ends the album on a bittersweet note as it relives the good times to where she is now which is ultimately alone. The album has strong points and shows the phoenix Marissa Kay is. 7.2


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