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We expect nothing but hits from Mia Stein and the EP Mia the Savage is no different. The sultry western-like guitar and synth in “Back to Black” has a Nancy Sinatra, “My Baby Shot Me Down” vibe as she explores heartache and breaks between two unfaithful lovers in an affair. As the deep beats reveal more than the sometimes repetitive lyrics, we’re tossed in a percussive world and rough distortion of “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” The interlude of Malcolm X is powerful as she speaks of pain from her current relationship to the whole oppression black women face every day. Her anger comes through as she proclaims she’s stronger and better than that of this relationship. The last line is a violent claim of independence that the mini-album claims throughout giving an outlet to those romantically hurt and those who love a good Stein banger.


Listen below:


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