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Inside the Artist: Shayla

Music can be an outlet for unthinkable pain. For Shayla, losing her father became a catalyst for her career as it allowed her the outlet to explore and let out the pain and since then has been growing to be a strong artist and woman.

Her influences come from her fans as they give her the courage and drive to do music. She knows that without them, she wouldn't be where she is today and hopes one day that she can be more well known internationally. International dreams come with more opportunities and appreciation in the industry and more motivation to be successful.

So far, her favorite song of hers is "Levitating" because it's a feel-good song and she even listens to it herself to feel motivated. However, her favorite song to perform is "Don't Start Now" because of the energy from her hyped fans.

Shayla is also conscious of her career and trying to stand out against other artists because it's easy to make a song go viral and become famous. She always tries to make the right choices to better her success such as choosing the right label, management, and whom to perform and interview.

Motivation is Shayla's main influence and with that, she seeks the best of the best for her own influences being Mia Stein, Tracy, and Kenny as they all inspire her to further her career both with and without music.

Glamazon out now

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