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Inside the Artist: Kelly Urie

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Living in this chaotic world can be overwhelming as we search for our own individual purposes, with all of us wanting our lives to mean something and to be remembered for something. For some people, they turn to music as a universal language to leave their mark on the world. Kelly is one of those artists. Since she was five, her dream became apparent, singing as much as she could. It wasn't long before she joined the iconic Destiny's Child, bringing her early success before she branched off to her solo career. But everyone has their humble beginnings as she recalls performing for at a daycare and the kids not paying attention at all. Though they were young, the lack of attention discouraged the group until legend Patti LaBelle gave the young group advice: to be successful, don't let things keep you down. Kelly took the advice and kept going when the group disbanded. Being on her own now, she doesn't shy away from the big questions that can keep you up at night or make you quit completely. Her goal with her music is to give people something to relate to because as humans, we all go through things and if she can lend her voice, her music, to help through the rough time, then her job is done.

For Kelly, the process of making is therapeutic. She turns to music as a coping mechanism, something to lift the weight off her shoulders. Performing is surreal for her because of how much time she's spent wishing, praying, and dreaming about it and then to be suddenly living it can be overwhelming. However, Kelly doesn't let her jitters get to her, coating her throat with honey (it can help soothe, relax, and keep your vocal cords from being dry), and prayer and meditation to center herself to put on amazing performances for her fans. With the current music scene, Kelly wants only the best for all the artists trying to make a name for themselves. She sees the negativity as unnecessary and a distraction from the actual making, but hopes that maybe they can turn their hurt into art for the world to enjoy instead of internet clicks.

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