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Inside the Artist: EllyannaChoi

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Not every artist comes to music immediately. It's a calling that comes to you at any time in your life. Ellyanna is still young but started her music career recently after joining record label Third Dimension. She decided to balance her modeling career and music, giving it a chance since she's a jack of all trades. The making process comes from her love from music and the thrill and exhilaration she gets, similarly to her modeling. Both are freeing and she looks forward to growing the same way she has in the former career. Ellyanna wants her growth to come from those close to her: her family. Though bubbly and confident with her music, it can be overwhelming for the new artist as she found herself breaking down and crying. Her friends and family came in and lifted her spirits through prayer and she spent all night in the studio until clarity came and she got everything she wanted with that particular record.

Stats and whatever is on the charts are on the back burner as long as her family is proud, especially her mother to give her the bragging rights she deserves. She wants to make music that brings up her community with love and happiness. Though they don't inspire her songs, she relies on them for feedback and support. Their love gives her confidence some that keep her going to give it her all whether it's a big stage or a small crowd.

Ellyanna knows that there are some obstacles she'll need to overcome and that even though she doesn't care about the charts, there's a certain "it" that she has to battle with. For her, it stands for whatever is easier to get your name out there if you're doing it, stressing that if you follow the trend instead of your style then you find yourself having problems, but staying true to yourself causes none. She doesn't follow that trend, wanting happiness and fulfillment from what she creates and knows she won't if she creates purely to serve everyone else.

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