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Best New Album // LSD by HighxBohemia

HighxBohemia has released another album full of bangers and mind-altering experiences as the title hints. "Ready For It" and "Count It Up" is a strong song about the start of a sexual relationship and his dreams he has about his new lover. "Her Eyes" is about how addicting she is, but how it's getting in the way of his life, her love literally becoming her drug.

Previously released as a single, "Lucid Dreams" is still a somber note, but coming after "Her Eyes" brings more context as he's drunk off her high and becoming more addicted, but lashes out instead of confronting his issues head-on. "Back To You" and "Without Me" highlights this struggle, as he finally tries to break free from his addiction, but keeps running back. "The Hills" brings a voice to the potential drug as Lexi Gomez is featured as they duet about being in high lust with each other where they can barely function.

"Give Me It All" ends the album with the same energy that continues throughout the whole album as the toxic relationship and addiction of each other's love never resolves with them just wanting each other more but is more positive than the self-destructiveness of the previous songs. It does leave the listener wanting more and wanting to know where the next trip will take them. 8.1


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