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Best New Album // before love came to kill us by Estella

Estella starts off her debut EP with a slow and deep song about heartbreak with "Figures." It's set to that same 50's heartbreak soundtrack as she explores the realization that the relationship is not worth saving and that she is worth more and the numbness isn't how she wants to spend her time and how she wishes she could show them how much they hurt her.

The cycle of love and heartbreak continues throughout the song with "Feels Like Home" coming right after, being the exact opposite of "Figures" as she's head over heels in love. For the album, this song feels like a flashback to when the love didn't hurt and how perfect it had been.

The themes running through the rest of the songs besides "Dear Yessie" follow this heartbroken, self-pity that happens when you're dealing with grief. Their lyrics come from that pain of wishing she had the means to make the relationship better and make the unlovable lovable.



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