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Best New Album // 4:44 by Jay-Z

Opening up with his wife on this specially named the album for their marriage, Jay-Z and Beyoncé flaunt their wealth as the king and queen of music and how famous and powerful they are in a nice poppy hip hop song expressing their opulence Opulence flows abundantly for them and into other songs such as "Love Me," "Keys," "Otis," "New York," another location named song for Jay-Z's home state, and "Lift Off." 4:44 is also a homage to Jay-Z's new life as a family man with marriage and children and his famous infidelity. "Song Cry" explores him not being able to commit to a relationship and that becoming his downfall and how it hurts him so much and yet he can't even cry because of his pride. The song 4:44 explores how he tries to grow from all his mistakes in a bare all to start the change from only being on the way which is a stark difference from "Song Cry" where he would have just felt the pain but not see an opportunity to change. "B.I.C" explores his fatherhood and how he and Beyoncé got there to Blue Ivy and how much he loves her and how he wants the best for her. The album itself is full of emotional highs and lows that Jay-Z explores eloquently. 9.4


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